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Welcome! Here are links that go with all the chapter of Mass Communication: Living in a Media World. Watch for updates and added features in the weeks to come.

Updated 12/6/07

Part I  Introduction to the Media           

Chapter 1. Living in a Media World

Chapter 2. The Media Business: Consolidation, Globalization, and the Long Tail

Chapter 3. Mass Communication Effects: How Society and Media Interact

Part II  Print Media      

Chapter 4. Books: The Birth of the Mass Media

Chapter 5. Magazines: The Power of Words and Images

Chapter 6. Newspapers: Reflection of a Democratic Society

Part III Electronic Media          

Chapter 7. Sound: Music and Talk Across Media

Chapter 8. Movies: Mass-Producing Entertainment

Chapter 9. Television: Broadcast, Cable and Beyond 

Chapter 10. The Internet: Mass Communication Gets Personal

Part IV Supporting and Controlling the Media   

Chapter 11. Advertising: Selling a Message

Chapter 12. Public Relations: Manufacturing the News

Chapter 13. Media Law: Free Speech and Fairness

Chapter 14. Media Ethics: Truthfulness, Fairness, and Standards of Decency

Chapter 15. Global Media: Communication Around the World

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